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HOUSEPAD LLP is the owner of these two websites. We do not sell any of the information that you enter into either of these two websites. Information that you enter about a property you have for sale is published on the MLS and other websites according to your order instructions. The address information of the property you are selling must be disclosed. If you are listed on the MLS through HOUSEPAD LLP, agents are prohibited from soliciting you by the National Association of REALTOR Code of Ethics Standard of Practice Article 16-2. In certain states this would in addition be an illegal activity. If you have been solicited by an agent while your listing is active status on the MLS with HOUSEPAD, please report this to your local association of REALTORS. Agents are permitted to contact you by phone or email if they have a buyer who is interested in your listing, in which case you are required to cooperate with them. For security we strongly advise against the publication of any lockbox combination on the MLS or any other website, although in some MLS's this is a standard practice. When you list on the MLS with us, we retain your credit card information for one year following your order in case you have an additional fee by either a failing to report properly or if you get into a commission dispute with the buyer's broker. The percentage of our customers who get into trouble is very small, and your responsibilities are clearly and fully outlined in our listing agreement, which you can preview before ordering. You are also encouraged to contact us if you have any questions regarding your responsibilities. We have a automated system in place to email you once per week to help you to not forget to update us on your listing status. Most MLS entry-only brokers do not have the means to help you in this regard. Not only does this weekly system help keep you out of trouble, but it causes us to have a better reputation for data accuracy with MLS's and the brokerage community. On our websites at some places you will see ads by Google. Google collects information about the types of websites that you visit, and uses the information to generate more relevant webpage ads that reflect the interests the information suggests that you have. We encourage you to visit Google if you have any questions on their privacy policy. | | privacy policy | COPYRIGHT © 2008 HOUSEPAD LLP.